About Me

Based in Malvern UK, my work as a Business Consultant often takes me to far flung places giving me the opportunity to meet interesting people, see fascinating places and do stimulating work within a variety of industries and organisational cultures.

There is, however, no place like home and with a wife, three cairn terriers and two cats being permanent members of the ‘home team’ my life is thankfully always pretty busy. We also have an aquarium!

The passionate engagement I have with my work and the ‘home team’ is continually enhanced and complemented by the love I have for the gym, pool, and the individual sports I play (cardio, weights, cycling, triathlon, you name it!)

At least once a year, however, you must ‘escape’ and we do, usually to take on some trekking, cycling or other challenge – it’s true, a change really is as good as a rest, in fact it’s probably better!

Final thought – Life’s fun, enjoy!