10 Simple Things That Working With Lean Six Sigma in Organisations Has Taught Me and That I Try Not to Forget

Although, it can be argued that many of the points below are straight forward, self-evident and simply common sense, because in fact, they are.  It’s equally apparent that in a world where we’re often very busy trying to deliver multiple incremental improvement projects and efficiency gains, that much of what follows is sometimes forgotten or given little consideration.

In organisations where process improvement type work is only given ‘lip service’ and in reality remains lowest priority or is considered a ‘nice to have’ this  deficiency is exacerbated.  The desperate struggle to keep ‘Continuous Improvement’ on the corporate agenda, in any way they can, sometimes overshadowing a systematic and thoughtful way forward for those directly involved in CI programmes.

So here goes (see link), certainly not a comprehensive list of tips, but one that works for me personally and hopefully something you might consider and which may be useful in your future Green or Black Belt projects, Lean activities, or Problem Solving tasks.

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