What Qualities Make for a Great Lean Six Sigma Green Belt? Some Traits and Attributes that Often Help!

Thinking of expanding your skill set and getting Lean Six Sigma Green Belt trained?  Or has your manager recommended that you are put forward for a Green Belt role and suggested that you sit the course?

Role Image.001

Undertaking Green Belt training is certainly a significant opportunity and your skills and competencies will potentially be greatly developed – you might ask, however, what traits and attributes will be needed to succeed in such a role once the training is over?

Most reputable training providers will give you on-going support on your journey, but, hey, as a Green Belt you want to take responsibility don’t you?

You want to deliver your own improvement projects? Isn’t that what being an agent of change is all about?

But do you have what it takes?

Based on over 15 years experience of training and coaching executives and potential ‘belts’ in Lean Six Sigma I’d suggest the following are some of the great qualities that many successful Lean Six Sigma belts possess.

Please click on link to read more of this article on Linkedin Pulse.



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